Dear Diary, Day 10 in Omorfiá


So, today a lot happened in Omorfiá! Some new buildings, new projects, new rooms, and some . . . interestingly rude characters! I got a lot done on this day, so here we go!

Day 10 (June 23rd):

Nook added the third bedroom to my house, which I transformed into a spa/bathroom. It’s only temporary until I either find another theme I like or I find more spa-like furniture.


The bathroom!

When I went outside, I was greeted by Resetti, who made my stomach drop—I thought I had forgotten to save again! I hadn’t fortunately; he was only there to thank me for building the Reset Surveillance Center (even though it’s off limits even to me, the mayor.)


Too bad I can’t see what’s down there . . .

I headed over to town hall and told Isabelle about my plan to start the Dream Suite which would cost around 230,000 Bells, not much compared to the other projects. A gyroid was set up in the train station to donate for the project. I then checked the bullentin board, seeing a new notice had been posted, which informed the town that Nookling Junction would be closed for maintenance tomorrow. How exciting! I headed over to Main Street to buy some last minute items before the store would close, only to find another building being build beside Able Sisters! More excitement!



Timmy and Tommy are getting to be real businessmen, I see!
Mystery Building

While on Main Street, I visited Nook Homes to talk to Tom Nook about my new loan, which was around the same amount as the Dream Suite. I decided I’d head to Club Tortimer to do some bug catching and fishing.

I was able to reel in a Blue Marlin, and met a couple of odd characters along the way . . . one child asked me about my blog address I had on my TPC. When I explained it was my gaming blog, he got overly excited, asking if I was going to make him “a star.” (Well, no, I’m not because one, you’re creepy, and two, you’re creepy.)

Um . . . no . . . you will never be a star with that attitude.

Then he asked what ncdogg stood for and when I replied with Non-Confidential Diaries of a Girl Gamer, he politely encouraged me with “that’ll never catch on.” Which is why you’re not a star, sir . . . it . . . thing. Then he followed me around the island hitting me in the head with one of those stupid red hammers. It didn’t matter, I had caught a ton of fish, so when I told him I was leaving, he actually asked if he could come to my town. Um, yeah, like I’m gonna let a troll into my town and let him chop my trees and dig a million holes. I’m not stupid.

You’re such a charm to be around, really, you are!

Back in Omorfiá, I was glad to be able to pay off my loan, and after a couple more visits to Club Tortimer, I was able to finish the donations for the Dream Suite! I went straight to Tom Nook and was able to get him to build another room on the left side of the house. Yay! I headed to the museum and donated my Blue Marlin to my ever-growing fish exhibit, and I also did some more house renovation with my new modern couch, and a world map I had received in a letter from Katie!




My fishies!


Maybe I’ll make the next room a study . . .

She thanked me for letting her tag along and repaid her thanks by hanging up her gift in my newly designed living room! Tomorrow, Nookling Junction will be under construction transforming into the T&T Mart and the Dream Suite will be open for use!