Dear Diary, Day 9 in Omorfiá


I had a lot happen today in Omorfiá. New residents, new house, new projects, and new home improvement furnishings! I present, Day 9 of Animal Crossing: New Leaf!

Day 9 (June 22nd):

Today, my roof was completed.


I also had another camper visit, her name was Kitty, and obviously, she was a cat. She told me that she was considering moving to Omorfiá. When I suggested that she should definitely move to our growing village, she said that she would play rock-paper-scissors and if I won she would move to Omorfiá, but if she won she was going to take the golden stag I had in my pocket. Ironically, I was heading over to the museum to donate the beetle when I spotted a glimpse of orange on the hill.

The game was on and I knew it would be fierce!

Round 1: Rock beats scissors

Ncdogg: 1
Kitty: 0

Round 2: Paper covers rocks

Ncdogg: 2
Kitty: 0

Round 3: Rock beats scissors

Ncdogg: 2
Kitty: 1

Round 4: Scissors cuts paper

Ncdogg: 3
Kitty: 1


My prize was a brand new villager! She informed me that she would need a couple of days to get ready and then she would be back to start her new life in Omorfiá! Once I left the tent, I headed around and watered my flowers, something I had put off until early noon. That’s when I ran into Katie. She wanted me to take her to another town, but since none of my friends were online, she was stuck with staying in Omorfiá.

Where’s your mother, Katie?

After that, I went to Club Tortimer and caught bugs and fish until my box was overflowing with treasures. When I headed back home, I was able to sell my catches (and donate a few fish) to Reese at Re-Tail, and pay off my loan and finish the Reset Center! I headed over to Nook Homes and Nook gave me the option of expanding my second floor bedroom or adding another room.




I decided on the first floor room on the right and my loan came to be around 350,000 Bells or so. I also decided to head over to Town Hall and see about enacting a different ordinance, only, I discovered Isabelle asleep on the job.

Oh, c’mon, Isabelle, all you do is stand up here all day! How hard can that job be?!


I tapped her on the shoulder and she was embarrassed, but had great news about a lady who had come in and suggested Omorfiá build a Dream Suite where we could take naps and dream about people’s towns. I was super excited to finally unlock the famous Dream Suite, only I would have to start it tomorrow, since I had just finished the Reset Center.

I did as Isabelle always suggested and relaxed for the rest of the day. I headed over to Able Sisters where I designed a Charmander shirt, and it appears as though Sable is really warming up to me! I also made a Charmander bed for my bedroom at Re-Tail which I was excited to set up in my room.




I feel like a little kid again!

I also visited Toby’s town later in the day, bringing Katie along to his town where she thanked me for letting her tag along. Toby’s house had also grown and he had done some exterior renovation. Our towns are growing fast! He also visited my town where he checked out my own house, gladly took my Charmander design, and went around collecting fruit.


Sweet layout, Toby!
Watching television on this tiny screen….
Twins again!

After he had his fruit, we departed and I went home. Tomorrow I’m starting the Dream Suite!