Dear Diary, Day 12 and 13 in Omorfiá


Day 12 was extremely short for me, so I’ve decided to combine Day 12 and Day 13 into one post! Day 12 I didn’t do much because I was so busy trying to catch bugs to pay off my next loan. Day 13 I had quite a bit of fun! Enjoy!

Day 12 (June 25th):

Today, I found Kitty inside her home unpacking boxes!


Nookling Junction had also expanded to T&T Mart, and it was their grand opening! They have a new catalogue too where I can buy any items I had previously bought or found in town. Tommy also sold me a megaphone which I can use to call villagers to me when out and about!





At Able Sisters, I found a new sewing machine where I could read and create QR codes for designs. My town has gotten so big!



I also ended up making a Kirby shirt while I was in there, and after visiting Club Tortimer, I was able to earn enough money to pay off the next home loan.


This is easy!

So, for my next home expansion, the room on the left will be expanded to make room for my Nintendo objects!


I also ran into Pompom later on who informed me she was moving on the 30th of this month—good riddance, three ducks is too much! Katrina also visited my town again, but this time she said my fortune was wealth, and that my lucky item was again, pants.

Oh, really?
Well, see ya!
Wealth is always good in Animal Crossing.

Which reminds me that my most recent project was the customer design sign. We had a ceremony later on in the day to celebrate the newly finished project after I had updated the sign to say “Welcome.”

My new sign! You like?


Oh, and I earned a new badge: the bronze Skilled Bug Catcher badge! Another badge down, several more still to come!


Day 13 (June 26th):

When I awoke this morning and stepped outside my door, I was not expecting to run into a pink newt wearing a sweater vest. His name was Dr. Shrunk and he had visited me to request permission to open up a club in the mall. He said he had already gotten permission from the other stores and talked to Isabelle who directed him to my house. I agreed, I mean, I wasn’t going to turn down some live entertainment. It was the very thing Omorfiá needed to liven the town up and bring in new residents and visitors.

So you want to open a club . . .

Dr. Shrunk was eager and explained that I only needed 6 signatures from the villagers around town and he would begin building the live venue he wanted to name Club LOL. (I think 101 would have sounded better . . .)

and you want ME to get all six signatures for you?

I went around town – my first signature was from Quillson, who was eager for the new club opening, as was everyone else in town. I got Pompom, Kitty, Yuka, Deli, and lastly Bill to sign for Club LOL. Bill was super excited that his signature finished the requirements, and afterwards, I headed to the mall where Dr. Shrunk took the clipboard and informed me that the club would open in 5 days.

Hey you, sign this!


All finished!
You asked for six, not sixty.

Down the street from where the club would be opening, I found that Kicks had already opened its doors and inside, I met Kicks, the skunk who sold shoes and socks for a fair price.


It smells like . . . oh . . .

Later on, I was talking to some of the visitors when Quillson suggested the next town project be a parabolic antenna. (How about ‘no,’ Quillson.) I also ran into Yuka who said that she heard that Gaston was calling me ncdogg, so she wanted to call me ncdogg as well! Awesome! Whatever floats your boat! I went to the island too where I bought one of those stupid red hammers, which I found quite enjoyable when being used on the NPC’s.

No, Quillson.
The more, the merrier!


I don’t know, it’s pretty fun when you’re on the giving end.

Afterwards, I headed to Nook Homes and ordered the modern house exterior to be built for 398,000 Bells. I had enough money from the bugs I had caught at Club Tortimer, so I ordered it up and Nook said it would be finished in the morning.


I went to T&T Mart again, after walking and earning some Play Coins, and bought the two fortune cookies for the day and won a Fi Mask and a Blue Falcon, which also reminded me that my Nintendo room would be expanded. I headed over to my house and discovered the room to be much bigger! I guess I’ll update on my house, since I started making all my modern furniture blue and finished my new box sofa.



moving furniture

newwasher for livingroom
My new washer!
My new sofa!
I did some rearranging and moved the cityscape wallpaper to my bedroom and now I have a Charmander bed with blue furniture!

I also made a few designs while at Able Sisters, a Yoshi’s Island Yoshi and Baby Mario shirt, a Yoshi’s Island Monkey shirt, a Kirby shirt, an NES Super Mario Bro. shirt, A Link to the Past Link and Zelda shirt, and a Red and Pikachu Pokemon Yellow shirt.


Ah, and I also saved 1,000,000 (that’s one million, people) Bells! I earned a piggy bank!


When I went around town and dug up the fossils, I remembered the painting I still hadn’t donated to the museum, it was legit and Blathers said it would be displayed in the art exhibit. My first painting! I also finished up some of the fossil exhibit too.


All I can think about is Ferris Bueller’s Day Off right now.


I ran into Katie on my way back to the island, when Umbrielle said she wanted me to come visit her town. I was going to bring Katie along when an error occurred! So, she couldn’t get into my town and I couldn’t get into hers! I decided the easiest thing to do would be for her to visit my dream town, and when she saw my designs displayed at my train station, she wanted some! Yay!

Well, I would . . .
Two people is pretty good for just opening the other day!

Later on the day, at night actually, I went to the island to do some bug catching. I was running through the flowers, trying to get them to explode so more beetles would appear, when I randomly tripped. I blamed it on the cleats I was wearing, since I had been walking around barefoot for about a week. I removed them and as I was running around searching for the stags and beetles, I tripped again, I ran a couple of steps, and tripped once more . . . bad luck. I discovered that it was Katrina’s doing, but the day before she had promised wealth, not bad luck!


I headed back to Omorfiá, and was able to pay off my home loan, so ends the day where bad luck begins . . .