Dear Diary, Let’s Update on Animal Crossing: New Leaf!

So, we’re going to update since we’ve been playing Animal Crossing: New Leaf for more then two weeks! I’m going to list my villagers at present (some may say they’re moving or be scratched out due to have already moved), the fruit I have in my town, the shops I have unlocked, and how many and what size my rooms are in my house! I will also list the badges I have earned, and the Bells in my account at present, and how many fossils, fish, and bugs have been donated to the museum, and a lot more.

This list is all the way up to date as of today (08/06/2013), so if you don’t want anything ruined for you, then don’t read ahead:


This document is not to be redistributed or printed or edited without the creator’s consent. This document and its contents (pictures, text, media) are copyrighted.

I’ve gone ahead and made a custom Microsoft Word document of my Animal Crossing: New Leaf town that’s more organized and doesn’t take up a lot of media space on my blog, whereas a ton of pictures would, just click the link below and you’ll download a Word document of my town, up-to-date, which you can view, and later delete if you see it fit. It contains everything that was once here on the blog post, with even more content! I hope you enjoy reading about my town!

My Animal Crossing: New Leaf Town


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