Dear Diary, Happy One Year of Blogging!!!

Yes, diary, it’s true! I’ve officially been blogging for a full year! (If you’ll notice I didn’t actually post this two days ago, BUT, I had family matters and couldn’t get around to a computer.)

So let’s recap the year!

We went from serving up dishes of art. It’s faded out, but not completely gone. We also had some dogs, and that’s gone completely, except for my dog, Frodo, but he’s special. Stories are now fan-fictions, and my blog has become what I want it to be now–a gaming blog consisting of reviews, playthroughs, fan-fictions, and game discussions!

I’ve made a few friends, you know who you are, and you’re golden! Of course, I’ve had my share of embarrassing or infuriating encounters blogging, but that’s the internet.

Here are my stats for my full year of blogging!


Followers: 68

Comments: 116

Likes: More than 200

Posts: 83

Reblogs: 1

Views: 2,510

Most views on a single day: 103

My experience blogging for a year: completely worth it!

I’m so excited to continue blogging and to share more game reviews and discussions with all of my followers and creepers! So, here’s to me: Happy 1 Year Anniversary, ncdogg!


This is ncdogg,
ITS OVER 9000!!!


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