Dear Diary, I Played Animal Crossing: New Leaf!

Well, that’s completely obvious since I’ve been doing a playthrough for two weeks, but now it is review time! There were actually a couple of things that I didn’t like about the new Animal Crossing, but so many other things that I did enjoy seeing and experimenting with in the game!

Let’s talk graphics. With almost every 3DS game I’ve played (though the games I play on my 3DS are usually made by Nintendo), the graphics have never disappointed me and Animal Crossing: New Leaf is no different. The villagers still maintained they’re chibi bodies and oversized heads, but they’re smoothed out and have more depth. Even the Animal Crossing “you” is better, instead of being a Hobbit with tiny dots for legs and no neck.


Now, most games being produced these days, in my opinion, are more about customization and freeplay. Animal Crossing: New Leaf is no stranger to this gameplay. You can customize not only the usual interior of your home, but the exterior.


You no longer have to live with the classic wooden house like in all the other AC games, but you can now make your house unique. You could have a pink modern house with a candy fence and mermaid door and blue pavement if you wanted to, there are no limits to editing your house now. You can even change the mailbox if you so desire and the roof too. Inside, you can hang things on the wall, like in an actual home, and with Cyrus, you can make all your furniture made of gold, or sapphires . . .

doinghomedesign HNI_0030

Not much has changed with the shops, you still have Able Sisters, the Nook store (now run by Tom Nook’s sons), and Shampoodles. Kicks however has changed from a shoe shine skunk to an actual shoe shop where you can buy shoes and socks.


You also have the new Dream Suite where you can visit other people’s towns “virtually”–meaning you can visit their town, chop their trees and bust their flowers, but it doesn’t save the things you did. This is where we find Wendell now, still a traveling walrus, but instead of giving you a random design, you can take other people’s designs. I have been told, and seen for myself, that when you do this, you cannot display the design at Able Sisters. Speaking as an artist, this was a life saver because I never want someone to take credit for my hard work. (By the way, I do not have QR codes for my designs yet, but I’m definitely considering making some because of their increasing popularity.)




Ah yes, the QR code machine. Now, you can pretty much just type “animal crossing new leaf qr codes” into Google and find hundreds of designs ranging from dresses, to pathways, to flags. I finally used the QR code machine, found in Able Sisters, yesterday and completely redesigned my town. All you do is use the Nintendo 3DS camera and snap a picture of the code and then BLAM! you have the design saved on your design tab!




The picture above serves two purposes. One to show you my new pavement, and two, to show you the tidbit feature of watering flowers now. Besides the sparkle that appears on the flower after you water them, the flowers literally look brighter. The rose on the left has been watered while the rose on the left has not. Pretty clever Nintendo and useful.

Along with the new Dream Suite, we also have Club LOL. A really stupid name for a club, Nintendo. Though the Club can be fun with friends or visitors who don’t yet have it unlocked, the Club is otherwise boring every other night except for Saturday when DJ K.K. turns into the loved K.K. Slider. You no longer get one song and you’re done for the night, you can requests as many songs as you desire and “demo” them. You still only get one track, but you can requests many songs. On the days K.K. Slider isn’t performing, you can enter the Club around noon and find Dr. Shrunk to teach you the infamous emotions. Unlike in the other Animal Crossing games, you now get to collect all the emotions in a joke book! Nice save there, Nintendo.




You also have Club Tortimer where you can meet other players and swap friend codes, or hit with a net repeatedly. Especially the younger children who follow you around like ducklings and won’t stop trying to get you to say something. You can go on tours here and catch valuable bugs and fish, which is the real money maker, but don’t stay too long or you’ll get tan like me.




Lastly, public works projects. With customization, you can now, literally customize your town. Now, I’m not talking about road designs and stop sign patterns, I’m literally talking about editing your town. You get to decide where the cafe, now broken away from the museum, gets to be located and the police station (aka lost-and-found) has its headquarters. You can put up benches and chairs, streetlights and billboards, make your town a modern paradise or a little girl’s fairy-tale dreamworld. I’m personally still waiting it out for the modern street lamp and bench, however, I did unlock the fairy-tale bench this morning. You get to decide the exact spot you want the projects to be located, and once decided, donate to the project’s fund gyroid, Lloid.








Now, the things I didn’t like about the game: no constellations. You can no longer go to the telescope and make constellations for all your friends to see when the night is starry. Of course the Enlgish version’s club name. In the Wild World game, the conversation and dialogue the villager’s had was much more varied and numerous, as well as intelligent. Now its lacking and not as diverse, and the dialogue feels like a child is speaking. The main way to make money is Club Tortimer, forget about having all the fruit, they’re more of just something to “ooo” and “ahhh” about and to brag to your friends, they’re worth very little. K.K. Slider now seems under appreciated since he’s there every night at the Club.

Now the things I did enjoy about the game: more villagers, more fruit, you can stack fruit in your inventory, more tools and toys, more events, a bigger community of players, you choose exactly where your house and projects go, more fish, bugs, and art, your own custom museum exhibits,  and so on.

My Rating:

9.5 / 10.0

I would definitely recommend getting Animal Crossing: New Leaf!

If you want to check out my Animal Crossing: New Leaf village, click the AC:NL picture to the right under “My Animal Crossing Town”

Do you or have you played Animal Crossing: New Leaf? Comment below and tell me what you think about the game!

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