Dear Diary, I Have QR Codes!

Okay, I made some QR codes for Animal Crossing: New Leaf. I was going to put them in a post, but I decided an easier way to do this was to just make a page for them so the layout would be a lot easier to follow.

Just click here –> AC:NL QR Codes and you’ll see the shirts I’ve designed so far, I still have a couple more to post, but I figured this would hold you guys until I find the time to make them and post them on my blog.

If you play Animal Crossing: New Leaf and want me to design a shirt for you, just comment below or email me at Tell me the color you want and the design and I’ll make a QR code for it and it will be posted on my QR code page!

I would also like to announce that I received my Wild World game in the mail yesterday and I’m loving it (again) so far. As of present (and deleting the first generated town it made for me) I have Curly, Rolf, Marige, Dizzy, and Anabelle in my town. Yeah, yeah, I skipped time, but only to make sure everything was working fine. The game works perfectly, but I guess I didn’t think about this, but don’t play it on the 3DS . . . the resolution is choppy.

I’m hoping to play Project Spark very soon! So stay tuned for that.

This is ncdogg,
Never stop gaming.


2 thoughts on “Dear Diary, I Have QR Codes!

  1. I received my copy of ww today and it looks so dodgy on my 3ds! I have Maple, Tipper and (much to my insane glee…) Bones! Finally, I have a dog resident!!!

    • I am so jealous that you have Bones! But I at least have a cat, so I guess I’ll live . . . maybe . . .

      I have Margie (yay!!!), Rolf (double yay!), Curly (blah, pigs are my least favorite animal), Dizzy, Anabelle, and Purrl!

      We should definitely meet up, if possible!

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