Dear Diary, We’ll Do Another Animal Crossing Update

Since I haven’t been feeling well the past few days, I figured instead of starting something new, I’d stick with just showing you some tidbit screenshots of my adventures in my Animal Crossing town from the past few weeks.

I also put up a poll a week ago asking you what your favorite Animal Crossing game is, so if you haven’t voted, I suggest you do! I will announce the winner of the poll this Saturday! A few of you have already voted, so I’m going to put the poll back up at the bottom of this post! So get clickin’ guys and VOTE!!!

I do plan to play Chivalry when it hopefully goes back on sale, or maybe do something with my Skyrim fanfiction, but for the time being, I’d rather just do something easy and quick.

I did in fact visit Inuno a couple of weeks ago, finally! I remember exactly what I was doing before I saw the train roll up in the train station too . . . crossing my fingers and squinting my eyes, praying for the Lord to let me on the train. As if squinting my eyes had something to do with anything, I was so super relieved when I heard the bell and arrived in her town.

We had a lot more fun this time, especially with my emotions I had learned, Umbrielle had a TON of fortune cookies lying outside in her town, which I ate about 6 or 7 of them. I got to see her town credits by sitting in front of the tree while she did the last, very special emote. We also went and got coffee and sat on her bench and chatted, while nearby Gaston wanted to take a stab at the face cut-out.

Thinking girl!


Enjoying Umbrielle’s bench
Oh, Gaston, you so crazay!

The time difference however, cut our fun short, but we were both ecstatic to finally be in the same town together!

A couple of days ago, I got to spend time with my two other favorite AC:NL people, fou and Kay! They came and checked out my house, which by the way, only has 3 more mortgages before its officially a mansion. The first room is currently (as of today) being transformed to a Sleek themed living room. I’m definitely considering making the upstairs a Sleek bedroom, but for now its Alpine. The back room on the first floor is a kitchen. The room on the right is going to be a bathroom, although, right now all I have is a toilet and whirlpool bath. The room at the left is currently being used for storage until I have the perfect town rating for 2 weeks because apparently leaving furniture and other items laying around outside decreases the rating. The basement is a 95% completed game room, equipped with a patchwork sofa, an ice cream lamp, and many video games.

Me and Kay are very disobedient Animal Crossing children. Fou was not a happy mother.

I also met some other people, one of which was a girl dressed as Misty from Pokemon. She was currently working on transforming her town hall into a zen model, which I helped contribute to and she wanted to give me her furniture, but I settled for having just a couple of pieces for my game room.

“Misty’s” finished town hall in her Dream Town!

I’ve also been getting quite a few visitors to my Dream Town! Super ecstatic!

33 visitors! Sweet! Thanks guys!

Here are some other screenshots that made me giggle:

Apparently, if you have a bunch of kitchen items, and your villagers visit, they’ll ask for food and if you have bathroom items, well . . . yeah.



I had a very special person come into the cafe when I was working and was so happy he liked the coffee I made for him:




It was weird seeing K.K. walking, since I’ve only ever seen him sitting down with his guitar.

Oh, yes . . . Toby and I had some fun a couple of weeks ago when he came to visit me . . . we sang a tribute to Katt.






I unlocked the contact lens and “boyish pixie cut” options at Shampoodles.


My blue eyes and blue boy hair cut. Don’t be fooled though, you can only get one thing done a day, be it changing your eye color, hair, or Mii mask. I got the boy hair the day before I got the blue contacts.

Apparently, the only thing villagers are good for when you’re being chased by bees is to tell you to run. No duh, Sherlock, I know to run.

Thanks, Yuka, you’re so very helpful.

Sam’s gingerbread house is almost complete on the outside!

Mmm . . . I could eat this house . . .

I met a 12 year old girl who thought it was her duty to inform me of all the specs of Animal Crossing. Well, thanks, but half the information you’re giving me is either wrong or just obvious.

I know that staying up too late is not good. Thank you, health expert.

I met a very creepy player with a very creepy Mii mask on . . . who wasn’t very nice when she woke up 10 minutes later and started stealing all of my bugs. My internet . . . “mysteriously” . . . gave out when she started that nonsense.

*shudder* Why do kids pick these eyes and lips for their Mii?!

I got to show Toby my new outdoor chair!

Now I can lounge with my buddies!

I visited fou’s town this morning who traded some sleek furniture with me for my modern furniture. She has the cutest face cut-out standee!

Pika, pika!

I’ve also made quite a few shirts and dresses, so if you haven’t been checking them out, I have a ton more on my QR Code page!