Dear Diary, Tobidase Doubutsu No Mori Item Checkbook

Since there aren’t any new games that have caught my attention yet, I decided I’d show you some photos of the 80 page checkbook that’s inside the guidebook. I’ve already started going through my catalog on the game and checking off the items I have, and I’m already at the end of the clothes section. I’m so excited to have this little pocket book to carry around with me! It’s already proved to be quite useful!

The first page of the check book is a place to write down your friend’s name, their town name, and their friend code or Dream Address, I suppose.

The cover of the check book

Then it takes you through all of the furniture, wallpaper, flooring, tops, bottoms, dresses, hats, accessories, shoes, and socks available in the catalog for sell! How awesome is that? Plus, they leave a little bubble beside each item for you to check!

As you can see, I’ve almost completed the modern theme set
I didn’t realize how much wallpaper I had in my catalog until I used this check book . . . so much stuff!
It even shows the umbrellas!

Then you can check off all the fossils, gyroids, bugs, fish, and paintings (fake and real, of course) that you’ve obtained in the game!

I haven’t gotten this far in the check book, but I know I have a ton of gyroids . . .



If that isn’t enough for you, it also lists the K.K. Slider songs, the public works projects, and in the back, the check book turns into a mini pocket guide. It tells you when the shops open, it gives you the hair guide for Shampoodles, the items (wet suits included) available on the island, and ways to edit your furniture.

The public works projects list
The shops’ opening times

The check book is a very useful tool too, and I’m very glad it was included with the guidebook, because I’m still quite hesitant to write in it. However, I did finally muster up the courage to write down the villagers’ names (in pencil) beside their Japanese names in the index of the villagers.

Then after you’ve looked through the check book, on the back, they list all the bugs, fish, and diving items and their selling prices.


I’m so ready to check off more items from the catalog list! I would still recommend buying the Kanpeki Tobidase Doubutsu no Mori guide book for Animal Crossing. Its a great reference to have by your side while playing!

This is ncdogg,