Dear Diary, The Epitome of Club Tortimer

Kapp’n warns you before you leave for the island, that there are two rules at Club Tortimer. “Mind yer manners. And MIND YER MANNERS!”

When did this go through people’s ears and out the other? Well, I guess right after he said it, because 97% of the players at Club Tortimer don’t have any manners. Especially after last night when I played, just trying to get the last section of my souvenir box filled with precious bugs. Seriously, that’s 10 slots people, equaling 10 bugs. You’d think I wouldn’t be a nuisance, but apparently to some people I am. We’ll start this adventure off with the tale of the 9 year old . . .

I went to the island, I would only be there a few minutes to get some bugs. A 9 year old waltzes in and asks me for my Friend Code. After my adventures two days ago with the thieving 10 year olds, I now have an age limit on who I add. I ask her what her age is first and she answers, of course, with 9. I tell her, “Sorry, but I only add people who are ages 13+”

She counters with, “i lined im 15” (Translation: I lied. I’m 15 years old.)

Me: Nope. Not happening.

Her: i lined agin im 13 (Translation: I lied again. I’m 13 years old.)

Me: Stop lying. You’re 9. I’m not adding you.

Her: i hate u

Me: Good. I hate people your age.


Me: U mad, bro?

Her: *says something incoherent*

Me: Yeah. U mad.

Her: in a girl not a blac person (Translation: I’m a girl, not a black person.)

Me: I didn’t say you were a black person.

Her: u said u mad bro

Me: That’s from a meme. Get cultured, kid.

Her: wat u have has sut up (Translation: *gibberish* Shut up.)

This entire time I’m walking around, whenever I pass by her, I hit her with my net.

Her: stop hittung me

Me: Okie dokie, princess.

Her: im gonna block u

Me: Good. I don’t care.

Her: sut up ur stupid (Translation: Shut up. You’re stupid.)

Me: At least I can form complete sentences.

Her: im almost 10 shut up

Me: You’re not a very good debator.


Her: im blocking u my mommy told me to block u

Me: Good for your mom. Its totally rational to block someone because they won’t add you. I understand completely.

Her: ur stupd shut up im blocking u

Me: Do eet!

She’s just standing there. She hasn’t gone into the menu to block me.

Me: You’re not blocking me, otherwise, your character would look like this: *goes into menu*

Her: yes i am *goes into her menu and comes back 2 seconds later*

Me: Wow, that didn’t take long. You must not know how to block people.

Her: im leving (Translation: I’m leaving.)

Me: Bye.

I go into my menu so she can’t leave. She tries to exit the island about 5 times before coming back outside.

Her: im going home

Me: No you aren’t. You’re right here.

Her: yes i am bye shut up

I go back into my menu so she can’t leave and finally she shuts her wireless off.

I wish I had recorded the whole thing, but unfortunately, I did not. What really baffles me about the whole thing is that this kid was 9 and acting like this . . . I don’t really remember acting that way when I was 9. This is a whole new generation indeed.

I’m also in the process of uploading a video of a “17 year old” who wanted me to leave the island on to my Facebook page. What I learned was that I’m a self-centered American for going to the public island and catching bugs. (Also, at the end of the video, that was my doing.) So, if you want to check out this crazy video, go to this URL:

Also, I do apologize for the video quality, however, its pretty good for being recorded with a cell phone.

This is ncdogg,
yes i am bye shut up


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