Dear Diary, Twiiiiiiins

Just a tidbit today. Not long at all. Still nothing on my end, sorry, I’m being quite lazy and I haven’t been near my computer significantly in about a week.

I got to visit a very special bloggers town this week and boy was it fun! I even got to meet my all-time favorite villager in the Animal Crossing series: Biskit! I visited Belle‘s town of Euphoria!

I’d pay 5 million Bells to have you in my town . . . unfortunately, I don’t have 5 million . . .


She showed me around her village and let me check out her PWP’s. We also went to the island and did a couple of tours before she and I had to part ways.



If you haven’t been checking out my Animal Crossing town via my Word document, then you might not of heard I finished my joke book last week. I went around town and danced with some villagers too, and some dream villagers . . .





Fou and I also had some fun dancing to music at her town.

Dancing the night away!
Dancing to “Pondering”

Listening to “K.K. Lullaby”

I also visited Toby and we . . . well . . .




Later on, a phenomenon happened! Toby and I were both using the same tethered wi-fi when we headed to Club Tortimer. I had just returned from a tour and we were both destined to receive the Silver Medalist badge from Phineas. I was standing by the entrance, when this happened . . .

How odd that you’re wearing the same exact clothes as my . . . boyfriend?

We had crossed paths on the island!

Is this . . . normal?


We decided to take advantage of this uncommon happening and did quite a few tours together before finally leaving the island.

This is ncdogg,
Μεγαλείο απαράμιλλη




4 thoughts on “Dear Diary, Twiiiiiiins

  1. Thanks for mentioning me!
    I had a great time with you, hopefully we can visit each other again -maybe your town next time? I’ll bring my hammer :D

    Oh and sorry I had to leave so soon!

  2. Dang. I really am missing out by not visiting other people’s towns! I’m just not much of a social gamer, and I typically play single-player games. By myself. >_< lol. DANGIT! I gotta stop it! I love Animal Crossing: New Leaf though. So much fun!

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