Dates Are Important

In the world of gaming, dates are very important. When you’re browsing the web, looking for the latest and greatest video game, you’re always looking at dates. When is the release date, when was this review posted, when is the next console expected to be released, when is my freaking birthday so I can mooch all of these things off of my parents?!

Yes, dates are important in gaming… as they are in real life; one date I know I’ll never forget is September 30th 2013…

Yesterday night, at around 7:40, I got what most women fantasize about from the time they turn about 5 years old–an engagement ring! Yes, Toby proposed last night in the most special way that’s definitely the best display of our personalities.

Now, I’m sure you’re all wondering how it happened.

Well, he picked me up from work and we headed to the greatest place on earth–Walmart. We did some grocery shopping (and we also discovered they brought back the greatest oatmeal ever: dinosaur egg oatmeal, that’s beside the point though.) I bought a box of berry Kix, which, if you’ve never had this cereal before, it’s basically a tamer Cap’n Crunch Oops! All Berries.

Afterwards, we headed to his grandma’s and we ate, relaxed, and I was just about to drift off to nap when he suggested I go home. I started putting my things together and afterwards, we headed to get my car.

I will admit, I was quite upset for having to leave. I mean, why couldn’t I just take a nap? There’s no harm in that! We pulled up beside my car and he asked a very odd question.

“Do they put prizes in the Kix cereal boxes?”

“I don’t know.” I replied with much irritation. “Well, good-night.” I was about to leave when he grabbed my hand.

“Wait! Don’t you want to look inside?”

“Why?” and as I opened the box, there was the silver box with the ring inside. “Are you serious?!”


“You’re serious?! This is really happening?”


“Well, you have to get down on one knee!”

“Well of course!”

So he got down on one knee and opened the box–upside down, of course.

“Will you marry me?”

“Toby… the box is upside down.”

“Oh. Ha!”


The ring!

I’m so excited and happy! I first couldn’t have been blessed more with a great proposal, but most importantly, I couldn’t have been more blessed with an amazing boyfriend whom I can now call my fiancé! I’m so very eager to see where God takes us and what we’ll face together in this adventure we call life!

I love you so much, Toby!

Thank you to all my friends and family for your support and helping us grow as a couple and loving us every step of the way!

Also, don’t forget to check out my mom’s blog post about our engagement:

This is ncdogg,
I’m engaged!


10 thoughts on “Dates Are Important

  1. How exciting! Have you started planning? Do you know what sort of wedding you want? I was able to enact my childhood fantasy of walking down the aisle to Star Wars music.

    • Yeah, a little.
      I kinda want a traditional wedding, with some contemporary styles mixed in, for example, instead of lighting the union candles, we’re going to paint a heart on a canvas, which can in turn, be used as decor.

      Our reception though is going to be super-hero themed. So we’ll have a ton of super-hero theme songs.

      That sounds awesome! Haha. Which song?

      • Well originally I wanted it to be the Imperial March but even though it’s awesome, it’s still a dark depressing song. So, for the processional it was the Throne Room theme from A New Hope. Then our recessional was the theme from Raiders of the Lost Ark because my husband’s an archaeologist.

        • Throne Room is still a majestic song though. I could definitely see it being played at wedding.

          I do have some songs picked out, but they’re still up in the air and I have to get him to pick out some too. I’m hoping to get more planning done during the summer and holiday breaks.

          All in all, though, I’m super excited! Of course, I’ll post pictures in the future of engagement photos and the wedding when it comes.

    • No. I’m done with New Leaf.
      This was never meant to be an Animal Crossing blog. I was only doing AC:NL for my playthrough.

      I don’t post every week because I’m extremely busy with college and work.
      I will soon post my review for the new Pokemon X game though.

        • This is a gaming blog. It says so in the description. I talk about games and do game reviews.
          It’s your choice to follow or unfollow. I don’t blog for the followers. I blog for my enjoyment.

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