Dear Diary, Batman: Arkham Origins

I know I haven’t been blogging much, thanks to college. (Whoever thought that college was a good idea?! All it does it take up your life and drain your sanity.) HOWEVER! If you’re like me (a deprived college student), you know of the new Batman: Arkham Origins video game that was released a couple of weeks ago. Also, if you’re like me, you probably don’t have any money to buy it and have to basically make out with the television commercial until you can scrape up the money to buy the glory that is in a new video game.

Since I’ve found some time, I’ve decided to do an overview of the game because I do plan on buying it and playing it eventually.

Those of you who know me, know I love superheroes. Those of you who know me really well, know I’m in love with Batman. No. Seriously. Girls shriek and jump for joy over Superman. I kick Superman in the face. Batman is my all-time favorite. Now that you know I love Batman, you should know I really want the new Arkham Origins that was released. I’ve been hinting at my fiancé since before its release date that it would make an amazing birthday present. I’m hoping he picked up on my obvious hints, such as: “Toby. Buy me Batman: Arkham Origins for my birthday.” which is in 12 days!


So what’s so different about this game compared to Arkham Asylum? Well, if you’ve played Arkham Asylum, (and if you haven’t, STOP READING NOW), then you know that Arkham Asylum featured the Joker and Harley Quinn who were breaking out of the prison and were going to kill Gordon and Batman, as is the norm. It also featured Bane and Poison Ivy as two bosses to fight in the game. There was a lot of detective work and running around in Arkham Asylum and of course, a lot of brawling and battles.

Arkham Origins however, features more of the classic villains against Batman: the Penguin, the Joker, and others. There are two other non-villainous characters that appear in the game, but I won’t mention them, since there has to be some mystery for those of you who haven’t read up on the game. Instead of being stuck at Arkham Asylum, there are other locations in which the storyline continues. As for graphics, most of the screenshots and videos I’ve seen are pretty awesome.

Despite a couple of low ratings, and some mid-range ratings, Arkham Origins was the top selling game in the UK. I’m hoping to not be disappointed by some of the low ratings, because, just like with Pokémon X, which I feel deserved a lower rating from myself, a lot of other gamers and game review sites gave Pokémon an undeserved higher rating than expected. So, I hope that it won’t be as bad as everyone is saying. However, I can’t say the same for Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate (which after all, why would a gamer buy that? I can understand buying it for the PSP, but the 3DS? C’mon guys. Have some respect for yourselves.) which received several low ratings, which were more than likely deserved.

Which begs the question: which console will I buy the game for? If not for the PC, then definitely for the Xbox 360. There’s always something special about having a game in a case, you know?

This is ncdogg,
“Batman has no limits.”


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  1. Being in university and being broke makes working at EVENTS games horrible. All the games on the shelves just tease me all day everyday!

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