Dear Diary, Scratch That and Add This

Now, I know you all haven’t seen me in a very long time.

So, let’s update:

1. I changed majors to Graphic Design and I’m loving every second of it.

2. I quit the Skyrim Fanfiction blog. I’m sorry for those of you who really enjoyed Athena and all she had to offer, but I have better things to focus on at the moment which will probably help me with my future career as a designer.

3. I started a Blogspot ACNL blog to help me practice HTML for my later college courses that will inevitably involve web design. The blog is: You can also click on the My Animal Crossing Town picture at the left to get to the site.

That’s about it for now. Toby is soon to get Dark Souls II, which I will more than likely discuss at a future date which is not determined, but keep in touch those of you who are faithfully reading my blog.

This is ncdogg,
Why, Johnny Ringo, you look like someone just walked over your grave!


7 thoughts on “Dear Diary, Scratch That and Add This

  1. Sounds like you’ve closed one chapter and started on the next. I’m glad to hear that you are doing what you like because having that passion makes all the difference. All the best!

  2. Wow, hello! Long time no see! It sounds like you’re doing what you enjoy the most and that’s great! I’ll check out your acnl blog~!

    • Very long time!

      Thank you, Umbrielle. I’m just getting started, so it’s mostly pages and widgets. c: I’m hoping to post more soon!

      • It looks adorable already! Did you start again? I deleted my original JP town awhile back.. ;_; But I’m playing a EU version of the game and I’m trying to play for the whole year as I started on January 1st.. hehe! I write about it on my blog every month and it’s going well so far!!

        • No… the villagers and the time I’ve put into my town just tugs at me, so I can’t ever go through with resetting my town. I have Goldie now anyways, so I’m one step closer to an all-dog village!

          Secretly… I’m considering buying a second version of the game for blogging purposes, but I doubt I’ll ever go through with that either. Hahaha.

          I will definitely get back to reading your posts! :o has there been any significant differences between the JP and EU versions?

          • I really regretted deleting it but I wanted to make a new town and (at the time) I only had my JP 3DS… so I made a new town and didn’t really play and stopped around September.
            At Christmas my family got me an EU 3DS so I could play Bravely Default and I decided to give the EU version of ACNL a go and I’ve had this town since then.

            It’s not really all that different but it’s easier to follow and requires less brain power! X3

            I’m really trying to stick it out for a whole year so I’m taking it slow with this new town.. I think the reason I got bored was because I played it non-stop for 4 months and burned myself out! Haha.

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