Dear Diary, I Played Fantasy Life!

Hello, gamers! Today, let’s talk about Fantasy Life!


I’ve seen a lot of people asking this question on other sites, so I’ll answer it:

To take screenshots, you must talk to the middle lady at the back of the Guild Office. Then to take screenshots, you press the START button.

I’ll admit, I had no clue of this game’s existence up til about a couple of weeks before Christmas. When I went to the store to buy a copy for Toby, I got to reading up on it, and decided I wanted a copy too. I have to say, it was one of the best decisions ever. Fantasy Life is unlike any game I’ve played on the DS. It does take features I know, and love, from other games, such as Paper Mario 3DS, Harvest Moon: A New Beginning, Cooking Mama, and any RPG ever. I’ll explain soon.

So, if you have absolutely no clue what this game is or is about, I’ll tell you.

First you create a character.

Here I am
Here I am

Then, you pick a Life. There are 12 to choose from:


  1. Paladin
    • One-handed sword fighter
  2. Mercenary
    • Two-handed sword fighter
  3. Hunter
    • Ranged fighter
  4. Wizard
    • Magic fighter
  5. Miner
    • Gathers rocks
  6. Woodcutter
    • Gathers wood
  7. Angler
    • Catches fish
  8. Alchemist
    • Makes potions
  9. Carpenter
    • Creates wooden items and furnishings
  10. Blacksmith
    • Creates metal items
  11. Cook
    • Cooks (duh)
  12. Tailor
    • Creates clothes and fabric items

I chose Hunter because I love using bows. At first I thought I would be stuck with just one Life, but you can always take up another Life in the game, or you can become a Champion and master all the Lives. Toby chose Alchemist for his main Life, and it’s taken him a while to complete some of the challenges to advance to the next rank. The Hunter challenges aren’t hard to complete, they just require a lot of back and forth tasks.

There are lots of things to do in Fantasy Life. No, you can’t get married or have children. It would be the only thing I would add. Your game will start off with some dialogue, introducing you to the world of Reveria, then you’ll be asked to declare your chosen Life. You’ll meet a talking butterfly not 10 minutes into the game, who will eventually become your guide and Bliss Checker. Gathering Bliss allows you to purchase perks in the game, such as a bigger bag, a pet, better transportation (a horse), better items at the store, etc.

The land of Reveria is in danger of a bad omen and it’s your job to save the world.

With whichever Life you choose, as I’ve been saying, you’ll be asked to complete challenges according to your Life. For me, the Hunter, I’m asked to kill several different types of animals, sometimes more than one. When I got my Cook license, I have to cook different types of meals with different types of ingredients for the challenges, when I got my Carpenter license, my challenges changed again to producing different types of furniture. You can always return to the Guild Office (where you get the licenses), and switch back and forth between Lives. The only bad feature about this is that some Lives aren’t able to use the same equipment (armor and weapons) as other Lives, so you may have to switch back and forth a few times. However, you can still cook if you have your Hunter Life activated, and you can still make clothes, and furniture, and chop wood with the Hunter Life active; you just can’t wear the Cook’s clothes.

You also own a house where you reside and store the items you acquire on your adventures. You will be able to buy a bigger house as the game progresses. You can buy/build furniture, carpet, wallpaper, decorations for your house, just like in Animal Crossing.

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You can also acquire pets. I say “acquire” because you don’t buy pets, you just talk to the Pet Vendor and he gives you one. You can own up to three pets and two can follow you and fight for you on your adventures.

You can have either a dog or cat.

This is my Shiba and Poodle
This is my Shiba and Poodle

Castele offers the Shiba-like dog and short-haired cat.

Port Puerto offers the Poodle and the long-haired cat.

Al Maajik offers the Dalmatian-like dog and Oriental cat.

With enough Bliss, you can eventually rent a Horse, and then later on, own one. They come in three colors: white, black, or brown.

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With all of these animals and items, and things to do, there are also places to go. The enemies will get progressively harder as you move along in the story. There are several different areas in Reveria, from forests, to mountains, to cliffs, to volcanoes, to open fields, to beaches, to deserts, etc. You get to explore all of them and their various enemies.

There are Woolies (caribou-like creatures), coyotes, wolves, Razorbeaks (roosters), bulls, carrots, radishes, apes, bears, etc.

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And vicious palm trees


The dialogue in the game is slightly juvenile and very punny, which was very similar to Mario and Luigi: Dream Team and any of the Paper Mario games. It makes the game fun to follow, but because there is so much dialogue, like Mario and Luigi: Dream Team, some of the conversations are lost out of disinterest.

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The graphics in Fantasy Life, while they are 3DS graphics, are still a little blocky. It’s as if Pokemon and Harvest Moon merged together and produced this very specific, yet very familiar look in the game. The characters and enemies in the game are meant to be cute and cartoon-like, since it is a recurring look throughout the game, so don’t be surprised when your horse runs like a cheetah and the bull out in the field has way too big of a head for its body; the artists meant to create them that way.

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As for the gameplay, the story is easy to follow, but there is a lot of dialogue, so I would take it slow if you find yourself getting bored of reading. I haven’t tried out the Paladin or Mercenary Lives, but the Hunter shooting is easy to manage. As you get further away from the enemy, the less of a chance you have of hitting them. Toby did say that hitting enemies as an Alchemist (I’m sure he was using a dagger), was pretty tough since they were able to get some hits on him.

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As for the cooking, carpenter, and tailor features of the game, its similar to Cooking Mama, in that you have to use the A button for each task to create the object, such as repeatedly pressing A to cut with the scissors as a tailor, time the A button to smooth out the wood as a carpenter, and hold A to stir the pot when cooking. These are also transferred over to the blacksmith and alchemist. The angler and wood chopping actions are similar to Animal Crossing, except you’re trying to drain the fish and tree’s health.

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The music is not unlike any Nintendo game music; it gets stuck in your head after a while and is also similar to Harvest Moon.

Fantasy Life has been the number one game I’ve been playing so far, along with Pokemon: Art Academy. I really haven’t put down either one since I got them. I would highly recommend you get this game.

My Overall Rating: 8.5/10.0

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