Dear Diary, Amiibos?!

Surely you’ve all heard of these by now, right?

If you haven’t, Amiibos are the new thing. They’re not like Skylanders and they’re not like Disney Infinity. They aren’t used for one specific game, they’re used to unlock things in games. The main game they’re actually played in right now is Super Smash Brothers for the WiiU.

We got 4 of them for Christmas. I got Pikachu and Yoshi and Toby got Link and Samus.

We’ve used them in SSB and had a lot of fun watching Pikachu and Link battle it out. You can even leave your amiibo to fight CPUs and while it does the dirty work, you can play another game. You can feed them equipment, give them a name, and watch them smash other player’s amiibos. As you train and as it trains, it grows stronger and more powerful, and learns new attacks. It’s a neat feature.¬†We also tried them out with Hyrule Warriors.

Link unlocked a Spinner weapon.

Pikachu unlocked some materials.

Yoshi unlocked 5,000 Rupees.

And poor Samus unlocked 1 measly Rupee.

If nothing else, they’re cute plastic figurines, that are really good quality to admire. I’m excited to use them for other games that will be compatible. (I’m also hoping for a Villager amiibo too.)

They’re not for everyone, I assure you. If you don’t want to spend around $10 for a figurine that unlocks features in games, then don’t buy this. That’s basically all it does besides be admired, and possibly destroyed if you have rambunctious kids or pets.

This is ncdogg,
Pikachu joins the battle!