Dear Diary, I Played Hyrule Warriors!


You think this is just a hack, smash, and slash? Wanna know more of the details of this game? You may want to stick around!


I know a lot of people have been ripping on Hyrule Warriors, saying its just a hack and smash game, nothing special about it.

Well, let’s break the game down. The game introduces you, as per usual with LoZ games, to Hyrule falling to darkness, yet again, because the Triforce pieces have been compromised in some way. The game then plops you in the middle of battle, where you have to figure out how to fight. I admit, it took me a few seconds to realize that A and B weren’t being used to attack in this Nintendo game. X and Y are the new attack buttons as you fight your way through swarms of enemies, much like Ninety-Nine Nights.

Normally, after about 5 minutes of this, it would get boring, but the game gives you items to pick up, chests to open, and golden Skulltulas to kill in the middle of battle. Just like with the other Legend of Zelda games, you have to figure out clever ways to defeat the bosses, whether its by making them swallow bombs, or grabbing their tails with grapple tools.

The graphics in Hyrule Warriors is gorgeous. It’s the only word that can be used to describe the game. Of course, most of the Nintendo developed WiiU games are very beautiful and current, Hyrule Warriors makes me even more excited for the LoZ game coming out for the WiiU some time next year.

As you complete each scenario, you’ll unlock characters and collect weapons which can be combined at the smithy. We’ve already unlocked Darunia, Fi, Midna, and Sheik. You get to upgrade your characters’ equipment and give them badges that act as perks. You can also change the difficulty if the stages are too easy for you, or possibly too difficult.

Hyrule Warriors is more than just battle and combat, it, again, like any other LoZ game, has a storyline, that sucks you in and makes you wanna keep playing, or at least for me it did. I would recommend you buy this game, however, if attacking hoards of monsters isn’t your thing, then I would look at more reviews if I were you.

My Overall Rating: 7.8/10.0

This is ncdogg,