Dear Diary, I Played Pokémon: Alpha Sapphire!

Yes! This game!


I know a lot of people I’ve talked to weren’t really excited for this game as I was, but if you were, or if you’re still stuck deciding whether or not to get it, here’s my opinion:

The graphics and battling style in this new improved Pokémon are completely changed and are to die for. They’ve really improved since Pokémon X and Y, and I’m excited to get through the rest of the game!

The game is a remake, so the storyline is the same but with new features added. You can sneak up on Pokémon hiding in the tall grass, you can see what Pokémon you’ve caught in specific areas, and you can still train your Pokémon like in X and Y, and play with them via the Pokémon Amie.

The battles are more animated than before and makes you really feel as if you’re battling Pokémon and not just sprites on a screen. The unfortunate down-side to this is there’s nowhere else for Pokémon to go except up, and anything less would be a flop.

Pokémon Omega Red and Alpha Sapphire are games to buy if 1.) you’ve never own Ruby or Sapphire or 2.) you just want a Pokémon game. Unfortunately, Pokémon is still missing something to make it great, whether it be difficulty options or to have all the Pokémon on one version for once, this Pokémon game is great, but you’re still left wanting more. Would I suggest you buy it? Of course! Would I highly suggest it? No.

My Overall Rating: 8.2/10.0

This is ncdogg,
Jigg-a-lypuuuff, jigg-a-lyyy-puff!