Dear Diary, I Played The Forest!

Okay, so this isn’t really a completed game… the alpha stage is available on Steam. But it’s fun even in it’s beginning stages!


So, my husband showed me this game during the summer when we were both sitting around with our new infant with nothing better to do. Think Minecraft with better graphics and more frightening enemies.

The game starts with you in a plane with your son, and suddenly, the airplane starts experiencing turbulence. Everything flashes and a loud crash is heard, and then you wake up with a large, masculine red figure holding your son, standing over you, and then you pass out. When you wake again, you’re now able to play the game.

You can hop out of the plane and fend for yourself with no supplies, or search the wreckage of the plane and eat food, discover a passenger list, and grab an axe. The goal of the game is to find the missing passengers and your son. The passengers can be found in cannibal and mutant infested caves throughout the world, however, they’re still adding the rest of the storyline to the game.

You go out and you have a field guide that belonged to your son and it acts as your inventory and your build mode selection. It’s also where you build weapons, craft survival items, make medicine, and eat and drink food. There are a few ground buildings you can select to construct, as well as a boat house, and a couple of tree houses as well. As I mentioned before though, the game is still in alpha, so there’s still some bugs and other features I’m sure will be fixed and added.

Let’s talk about the enemies though because they play a major role in the game. The enemies are cannibals that live on this “island” that your plane crashed upon. They will eventually capture you a first time when playing the game, and that’s basically how you’re introduced to the tribe. However, I’ve survived for about 3 weeks in-game and never got caught, so it’s not a vital part of the storyline or anything. The times after that your “Days Survived” tracker will be reset.

The cannibals normally only come out at night (like the enemies in Minecraft), but if you wander too close to their huts or too far away from your shelter, you’re more likely to run into them in the daytime. There are female and male cannibals, as well as about 3 or 4 different variations. They’re fairly easy to fight in the beginning, but it seems like the more resources you obtain, the bigger your shelter, and the longer you survive, the harder the enemies become. There are a couple of different “biomes” to live in, such as fields, forest, mountains, or the beach.

The game is pretty fun multiplayer as well! The game is harder from the beginning though in multiplayer. You can construct buildings together and trade items in the game.

The Forest is a very fun game, and more thrilling at night, as it does lean more toward horror genre. It still needs to have bugs fixed and more features added, since its still in an infant stage right now, but if you’re looking for something new to try, I’d highly recommend The Forest.

I won’t bother giving it a rating for now, as it’s technically not completed, but you should go check it out regardless.

This is ncdogg,
Survive the forest!