Just an Update

I’m just letting anyone who still visits this blog that I am still alive.

So if you were wondering, “Is that ncdogg person still alive? What if she was hit by a car? What if she was mauled by a bear? What if she had a massive stroke and died?”
None of those things have happened to me. Currently, I spend my days chasingĀ a toddler, juggling time for myself, and doing household chores.

  • For those of you following my blog, I’ll have a review of Stardew Valley soon.
  • For those of you reading my fanfiction, thanks for sticking around and I’ll be making my newly revised, ultra fantastic, super updated NEW blog debut this Sunday. Here’s the link to my new Skyrim blog (with a much better URL)
  • For those of you interested in my art, here’s my Redbubble page.

This is ncdogg,
Why can’t we be friends?