Dear Diary, Scratch That and Add This

Now, I know you all haven’t seen me in a very long time.

So, let’s update:Read More »


Dear Diary, The Epitome of Club Tortimer

Kapp’n warns you before you leave for the island, that there are two rules at Club Tortimer. “Mind yer manners. And MIND YER MANNERS!”

When did this go through people’s ears and out the other? Well, I guess right after he said it, because 97% of the players at Club Tortimer don’t have any manners. Especially after last night when I played, just trying to get the last section of my souvenir box filled with precious bugs. Seriously, that’s 10 slots people, equaling 10 bugs. You’d think I wouldn’t be a nuisance, but apparently to some people I am. We’ll start this adventure off with the tale of the 9 year old . . .Read More »

Dear Diary, Tobidase Doubutsu No Mori Item Checkbook

Since there aren’t any new games that have caught my attention yet, I decided I’d show you some photos of the 80 page checkbook that’s inside the guidebook. I’ve already started going through my catalog on the game and checking off the items I have, and I’m already at the end of the clothes section. I’m so excited to have this little pocket book to carry around with me! It’s already proved to be quite useful!Read More »

Dear Diary, Glitches Can Be Fun

So, I mentioned the sort of braggy girl I met on Animal Crossing: New Leaf the other day, well, turns out, she has some pretty neat tricks up her sleeves. She showed me a couple of glitches that were found in the game, by whom, I know not. They were hilarious and fun though and I had fun showing my ACNL friends and Toby my new discovery as well, who also partook in my delight!Read More »

Dear Diary, We’ll Do Another Animal Crossing Update

Since I haven’t been feeling well the past few days, I figured instead of starting something new, I’d stick with just showing you some tidbit screenshots of my adventures in my Animal Crossing town from the past few weeks.

I also put up a poll a week ago asking you what your favorite Animal Crossing game is, so if you haven’t voted, I suggest you do! I will announce the winner of the poll this Saturday! A few of you have already voted, so I’m going to put the poll back up at the bottom of this post! So get clickin’ guys and VOTE!!!

I do plan to play Chivalry when it hopefully goes back on sale, or maybe do something with my Skyrim fanfiction, but for the time being, I’d rather just do something easy and quick.

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