More Redbubble Things!

I’m currently working on a series of dogs with flowers! It’s a slow process, but I currently have a couple of dogs available at my Redbubble:



I also have a couple of more that I will be adding to the collection as well!

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Dear Diary, Are You Ready?

So, I’m working on new art to put on my Redbubble page. If you don’t know about Redbubble, it’s a site where you can buy products featuring art from artists everywhere. You can buy stickers, shirts, mugs, journals, clocks, phone cases, etc.

My Skyrim blog will go up in 5 days! If you haven’t checked it out yet, here’s the link!
If you were reading my fanfiction, I strongly recommend reading Polemistís Story. As I mentioned in my previous post, this is a total revise. This is NOT the same story as before!

This is ncdogg,
Well, are you ready?!