Dear Diary, Day 3 in Omorfiá


So, we continue our adventure in my town Omorfiá! I have to go ahead and admit I did slightly cheat because my approval rating wouldn’t go up anymore. I now know that the day apparently starts around 6-7am, so that’s why the island is unlocked already on my game. Okay, anyways, I give you Day 3 of Animal Crossing: New Leaf . . .

Day 3 (June 16th):

I didn’t do much today, however, I got a visit from a turtle named Tortimer. He used to be the mayor of Omorfiá, but now retired to an island. He told me that I could visit the island for a fee if I met him by the docks. So, it was early morning when I set out into town, and when I say early morning, I mean 1am. I set out to the docks where Tortimer said I could go to the island in the morning, but I couldn’t wait til morning, especially since I really wanted my approval rating to go up which seemed to be stuck. I went back to bed and woke again and found a snapping turtle named Kapp’n who offered to take me to the island.

I boarded his boat after paying up 1000 Bells and soon, we hit the sea; Kapp’n sang random sailor songs and soon we arrived.


Though still dark out, the island was lovely. I picked bananas and mangos and went on tours on the island. I did a fishing tour where I caught 10 fish and won some coins which I could use for prizes on the island. I also went diving after borrowing a wetsuit from Loid. I found a sea urchin, isopod, some sea plants, and almost ran into a shark!




C’mon, fishies!
Does this wetsuit make my butt look big?
First time swimming!



Afterwards, I went back home and went to bed. When I awoke, it was morning and the town seemed livelier than usual. Maybe it was because my house had gotten bigger!

Rearranging furniture

I met the new resident, Charlise, who was a large green bear, but friendly. I also went to Main Street to check Nookling Junction’s new wares—only to find the red arch behind the path that separated the post office and Nookling Junction had been opened up and another shih-tzu stood at the foot of the stairs.



I approached him and he explained that when I passed someone with Street Pass who also played Animal Crossing, their house would be displayed in the Happy Home Exhibit. I would also be able to see the player’s TPC and they would see mine. I could view their home and order their furniture from a catalogue with certain exceptions. The plaza was empty, being I hadn’t passed anyone before, so I went back to Nookling Junction, bought my fortune cookie (won a Yoshi Egg), bought the rest of the furniture, and then left to chat with the villagers.


I found Pompom fishing by the river, so I joined her and talked with her for a little while. I met up with Deli who wanted to come and see what the inside of my house looked like—he seemed quite impressed, too! I had rearranged my furniture to fit in the larger room, and bought a new bed too. (Oh and I bought a Jester’s mask)




Afterwards, I headed to Nook’s Homes to see about my loan and found a weasel named Lyle standing behind a red and white booth. He told me he was an employee for the Happy Room Academy, which was a house surveying organization where people apparently break into your home and rate your house. He told me my house had only earned 1300 points or so. Who cares, I say. I discussed with Nook my next loan payment and he said the next down payment would be 98,000 Bells.



The prices were getting steep, but I had confidence and agreed to the next payment. Once again, he told me my house would be finished in the morning. I later headed to the museum and donated the items I had found on my diving trip and then headed to Town Hall.

My isopod . . . yuck . . .


Isabelle was eager to announce that I had finally received an approval rating of 100% and I could set ordinances in the town. My first ordinance was the Night Owl, where the stores would be open for a longer period of time and the residents would be available at night. I found out you can only have one ordinance in effect at a time, so I stuck with the Night Owl law.


I also started my first public works projects which were projects that were requested by the villagers to be built in Omorfiá. The first project I decided to do was a camping site where campers could come and stay in our town and see if they would like to move into Omorfiá. I set it up near the ramp to the right of the town, next to the hill that led down to the ocean, and directly behind my house.

I spent all day collecting fish and bugs, donating and selling, and recycling seashells until at the end of the day I obtained enough money for the donations for the camping site which would be finished being built in the morning. After the short, yet grueling day of hard work, I was eager to head to bed.



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